• DAY TIME :  8am to 5pm
  • NIGHT TIME :  6pm to 6am 
  • 22 Hours : 9am to 7am or 6pm to 4pm or 7pm to 5pm

Daytime and Night Time

  • Weekdays : Php5,500.00
  • Weekend :   Php7,000.00 

Additional charge for 1 aircon room 1,000 - min. 9 person capacity

22 Hours

Weekdays :  Php10,000
Weekends :  Php13,000

Note : Room charges are not included in the above rates.
              Additional charge for 1 aircon room - Php1,500 pesos (22hours) min. 9 person capacity.

As of the moment, We have 4 Aircondition rooms, 41 total person, sleeping capacity.


1 kiddie Pool - 6mtrs x 5mtrs. Depth 2 feet
1 Adult Pool - 15 mtrs. x 10mtrs. depth almost 5 feet
Free Entrance for 40 person and Children's 3 feet below excess 50 pesos per head
Wi fi
Nipa Hut
2 Burner gas stove including gas, with kitchen utensils like kaldero, kawali, casserole , sandok, chopping board and knife.
Big Cottage with table and chairs, that can accommodate 100 person
Unlimited Videoke - at 10 pm volume will be lessen to avoid neighbors complain.
Big Refrigerator
Water Dispenser ( we also sell mineral water , 35 pesos for 16liters)
Children's Play ground
Basketball and Volleyball court

Additional Charge:

Billiards -    50 pesos per hour
Ball rent.  - 200 pesos
Mobile light and sounds - 3,000 for small events; 4,000 for big events

Grand Pavilion -----7am to 10 pm ---7,000 pesos includes for free, 1 aircondition room

Our Grand Pavilion can occupy 350 guest  and has 7,700 sq. Meter surrounded of garden  with beautiful landscaping , so relaxing and warm to celebrate your events like birthday, anniversary, wedding, school affair, team building and also retreat.

We have big parking space inside our premises .

We have affiliate caterer , or you can bring your own prefer caterer without extra cost.


Our June , July, August , September 2018 PROMO!


Day time / Night time: Php5,000
22 Hours:  Php9,000

Daytime / Night time: Php6,000
22 hours: Php10,000

1 kiddie pool -2ft. Depth - 6mtrs. X 5 mtrs.
1 Adult Pool - Almost 5ft. Depth - 15mtrs. X 10mtrs.
Free entrance for 40 Person excess 50 pesos per head
Wi fi
Unlimited Videoke
Nipa Hut
Children's Playground
Basketball and Volleyball Court , just bring your own ball
Water Dispenser
Big Cottage with table and chairs and 4 buffet table
2 burner gas stove including gas and free use of kaldero , kawali, casserole, sandok, chopping board and knife

Daytime / Night time: Additional Php1,000 - 1 Aircon Room - 9 person capacity
22 Hours : Additional Php1,500 - 1 Aircon Room

Billiard 50 pesos per hour